Jonathan Martin has been dropped from the Dolphin roster fro the rest of the season.  Now while I do not claim to be an expert on football and I most certainly will not pretend that I am familiar with Mr. Martin football career however what I find ironic is while Jonathan Martin’s career is pretty much over Richie Incognito remains on the Dolphin rooster albeit suspended (with pay).  I have a sneaking suspicion that once this unfortunate situation blows over all will be water under the bridge and it will once again be business as usual.   The thing about this unfortunate incident is that team sports collectively is supposed to be about teamwork, sportsmanship and team unity toward working towards a single goal–the win.  All too often kindness, empathy, fair play, and turn-taking which are critical skills for good peer relations are lost along the way when it come to team sports and competitive play.  Continue reading



African-American on the Dolphins-Martin/Incognito

Marc Morial the president and CEO of the National Urban League and the former mayor of New Orleans wrote an opinion piece that appeared in the Winston-Salem Journal on the Martin/Incognito case.  The one piece that stuck out in his opinion piece is the attitudes that some of the Dolphin black players have regarding the case, which further illustrates not only the racial component, but the class component as well.

Attitudes on the team and within the football fraternity are split, with many of the Dolphins’ black players even defending Incognito and criticizing Martin for breaking a code of silence. Some of this may be due to the fact that, as a Stanford grad and the son of Harvard-educated parents, Martin doesn’t fit the traditional tough football player mold.

“To African Americans on the Dolphins, Martin was a 6-foot-5, 312 pound oddball because his life experience was radically different from theirs,” Jason Reid wrote recently in The Washington Post. “It’s an old story among African Americans. Too often, instead of celebrating what makes us different and learning from each other, we criticize more educated or affluent African Americans for not keeping it real.”


Former Miami Dolphin’s take on Incognito/martin case.

Lyndon Murtha a former offensive tackle for the Miami Dolphins from 2009-2012 wrote an opinion piece on why he does not feel the “bullying” tag should be tacked on to this particular case.  Whether I agree with him or not, I was more intrigued by the variety of comments that were made in the discussion area.  Below I have highlighted some of the more interested opinions.

This article reeks of playing down the lack of team leadership the Dolphins showed in regards to this guy.  Everyone knows that there is a line that doesn’t get crossed, and Incognito crossed it.  The Dolphins brass admitted they spurned Incognito on, and now both of them are going to pay for it.  The typical brain damaged american jock personality will justify Incognito’s behavior and give him a pass while saying Martin doesn’t deserve to play football…probably out of jealousy.  His ability or skill is irrelevant.  What is relevant is how he was treated by Incognito and how the Dolphins handled the situation….AnteroColon
I don’t understand in one vein football players in the NFL want to be treated like professionals but in another they say things like this writer, “…Odd thing is, I’ve heard Incognito call Martin the same thing to his face in meetings and all Martin did was laugh. Many more worse things were said about others in the room from all different parties. It’s an Animal House.”  Are you professionals deserving of million dollar contracts or are you teenage boys that have no understanding about how to behave at work?….amberp70


I work in an all male work atmosphere, and when I was brought up we got messed with, we got picked on at lunch, we got tough because we worked outside all year long, doing a hard job, with heavy lifting, and one of the highest rates of workplace injuries in the U.S. Yes the construction industry(Roofing), where you want to make sure the guy next to you is tough enough so if you go falling someones got the heart to reach out and help you. So I understand football, I also played in my youth, but one thing I do know now is its 2013 and the way we did things in the past and the way we do things now are different…Am I still tough on guys, yes but in a. different way. In this day & age there are things you just cant do. Mr. Martin reminds me of a women that takes abuse for so long dismissing it at first, second going along with the abuser just to minimize the abuse, and finally the moment when whatever snaps it does and the walk or shoot the abuser…..cmseitz78
Excellent article. The PC media isn’t interested in the real story, only the inflammatory stuff. I hope they’re happy ruining Incognito’s career. Martin ruined his own by being a sissy….trygpete
After 23 years in special education it almost seems as if Martin may have Asperger’s which is part of the Autism spectrum. These folks can be very intelligent but struggle with social skills and can appear “standoffish” due to diminished social skills and the ability to “read” others….ngjnh


Put Rich back to work, and let the NFL do their investigation, and work out the facts….. He’s a great player, and obviously has the support of his teammates.   There is NO VALID reason to suspend him….    Oh, the “N-word”, suspend EVERYONE who has ever used the word… NOT   Get over it….Dan1051


PBS Article –NFL Bullying Case Sparks Debate Over Race, Sport and Culture

Class culture and race is not a static social construct in which one construct depends entirely on the other to work. Unfortunately in the African-American community all too often the ugly truth of the matter is that race, class and culture are very often viewed as intangible attributes that are not mutually exclusive within or to the general African-American community.  With that said it is not surprising that within the Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin bullying case these two factors (class and culture) are now being discussed just as much if not more than the “sports culture” or “team hazing” elements of this case. 


Racial Element-Yes/No/Maybe

As a pragmatic personality, at least according to the myriad of personality and emotional intelligence profiles that you have no other choice but to take and write papers on top of paper about as a graduate student ……. but I digress, My question is….am I being naive in saying race will always play a factor in societal issues.

The Mysterious Case of Jonathan Martin


Two weeks ago the Miami Dolphins were coming off a devastating loss to the New England Patriots 27-17 after leading that game in the first half 17-3. The Patriots than scored 24 unanswered points and the Dolphins looked absolutely horrible. The story was after having an amazing an improbable 3-0 start the Dolphins dropped four straight games heading into the Thursday Night game against a great Cincinnati Bengal team with a record of 3-4 looking like one of the worst teams in the NFL. Their offense was stalled and their defense could not get off the field. Two weeks ago the story was about the Miami Dolphins organization crumbling and about to lose five straight.


Before the game against the Bengals occurred a new story rose from the cracks of the crumbling Dolphins season. Offensive lineman Jonathan Martin reportedly left Dolphins head facility after a lunch incident had occurred. At the time…

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